About BreachingSiege

This is a site created by myself, mzo. You may know me as one of the Pro-League analyst/commentators.


I created this site to help give more exposure to the competitive side of Siege from a bigger perspective than ESL and Ubisoft alone can provide.

I originally got into SiegeĀ as a Game Designer interested in both eSports design and a love of tactical team play. After playing the beta, the design of the game blew my mind with its underappreciated, but well executed design. I continue to bring my passion for game design into my job as an analyst for Siege, with a unique angle on design and game balance. Check out more of my background.

I will continue to make this site the #1 place to find, watch, and learn about pro level Rainbow Six: Siege gaming. If you like what you see, feel free to contribute with articles, ideas, or hopefully even a donation!



Here's some casting VoD's


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