BPandaa, captain of Eanix (NA PC) leaves his own team!

BPandaa, who is captain of the Pro League NA PC team Eanix (formerly Phoenix) has posted a long twitter post explaining the situation. It's unfortunate for a team who just barely squeaked into the top 8 bracket to give up so early (heck they are doing better than Lunatik at this point!).

I am BPandaa. Former Team Owner of Phoenix eSports and I was the IGL for Eanix in Rainbow Six's pro league. Today I decided to leave Eanix. It was a rough decision and to be honest, I already knew I was on my way out.

Where to start...

I guess it starts with leadership. Something I've never been fond of having because of the tough and harsh decisions you have to make and for me personally, playing this game was all I ever wanted to do being a Captain and a Leader made it less fun and more-so depressing. I did it anyway though. I saw a group of really good players and I wanted to win, even if it wasn't winning everything. I just wanted to be a contender.

When Phoenix started. The roster was Myself, Solaries, Helbee, Snuper and Sel. You'll notice that the roster is vastly different now compared to 2 seasons ago. This change was really hard to make. For what its worth, Solaries was a great player and a great team mate, but we butted heads and it cost us games. It was my decision to remove him, It didn't go well. I regret how it happened. It needed to be done, and it needed to be done fast.

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