Challenger and Pro League qualifier details!

ESL has finally revealed the details about qualifying for the upcoming Challenger and Pro Leagues for PC that were announced as a change up for Year 2.

The format is a bit complex in word format (a bit like those word math problems in grade school) so I've put together a diagram on exactly how the path to the leagues work (feel free to share w/ credit):


Ultimately a mix of invitees and qualifiers will filter their way into the Challenger and Pro League through a series of open and closed qualifiers and tournaments. The most important part of this announcement however, is that the first Open Qualifier starts this Saturday, Feb 18th! So before even reading the rest of this post, sign up here if you wanna compete!

European Qualifiers:

North American Qualifiers:

You'll notice that each region gets 4 invited Pro League teams and 2 invited Qualifier teams. It hasn't been announced yet who those teams will be, but I think it's likely we'll see a lot of familiar faces from Pro League Season 3 and Invitationals. Unfortunately teams have a tendency to disband or lose their original 3 between seasons so this means we probably won't see teams like Penta or Astral.

Now with the Challenger League in place, I imagine we'll see a format where at least the top 2 if not the top 4 filter into Pro League in the following season!

Between all these tournaments, leagues, and the inclusion of Latin America into the mix, this promises to be a phenomenal Season 1, Year 2 for competitive Siege!

Make sure to check out this post to refresh your memory on how the new league system and dual tournament format will work!