Did eRa players just leave their Org mid-season?

KingGeorge who recently swapped from #1 NA team Continuum to #2 NA team eRa eternity in a sort of exchange with Slashug, tweeted out suddenly that the eRa players left the eRa eternity organization. Everyone immediately suspected a late april fools joke, but KingGeorge confirmed the change.

He's been asked so frequently about the tweet he even put in a command in his twitch chat of !era to explain, which says the following:

"We parted ways with eRa as an organization in hope of finding better offers. Nothing to the team has happened, basically just a name change, we will still be playing in ProLeague under the name Orgless til we get a new sponsor."

In talking more with George and Vapo (formerly of GiFu), the story is that Orgless (Season 2) joined Most Wanted basically for the jersey's for the Season 3 LAN. Most Wanted was then acquired by eRa eternity, causing the name change. With the team having worked as hard as they have to get and stay where they are, they decided to part ways with them to get an Org that can provide more than just jerseys.

So once again, we will see Snake playing under the "Orgless" banner as everyone else who played on that team has left or benched themselves (K9)!

Expect to see this change potentially reflected in Pro League possibly as soon as today's NA games (although they aren't playing in it).