Eanix crumbles on Challenger League NA day 1

Eanix is a team that has gone through some struggles. They made it into Pro League Season 3 due to the team above them (aLive) disbanding just after qualifiers. Then they started struggling with leadership as I've posted before here and here. They qualified for Challenger League this season after making bottom 4 in the Pro League qualifiers and played on day 1 yesterday. After a hard fought battle against infraRED (watch the vod) they lost 2-1 and were forced down to the losers bracket to try and fight for 2-4 place. Within a few hours of the loss however, the tweets started going out from team members graciously leaving/disbanding Eanix.

Edit: I had incorrectly stated that Eanix lost 2-0, when it was in fact 2-1. Thanks everyone who let me know!

I took some time to discuss with team members what happened to end up disbanding that quickly. The first thing that stood out was Books being subbed out for Peter between maps. Unfortunately, some of the blame for the loss on Border was unfairly blamed on Books, leading to some chaos as Peter got subbed in last minute after benching himself due to some family health issues. There were also some struggles on maintaining leadership and making calls as the IGL. Frenchie had previously been IGL, but swapped that role over to Remorce after some issues during qualifiers. One player on the team wasn't used to Remorce being the IGL and calls weren't followed or strats executed properly leading the match on Coastline further into some chaos as Peter also had been out and not up to date on everything.

At the end of it all, the members of Eanix all decided that at this point the stress was more than they had bargained for and amicably went their separate ways. It's an unfortunate series of events, and hopefully all of them will find new teams that they gel with. In the mean time, here's what some of the players had to say:

"I considered all of my teamates to be exceptional players with immense potential, the team's failings and eventual demise should not be blamed solely on one individual player but more an overall lack of leadership structure." - Peter

"I'm not really fond of my treatment by the leader of former Eanix, Frenchie. From being ignored to belittled and all together treated like less of an equal teammate and more of a 3rd rate lucky to be on a team at all. It was as if he didn't invite me to the team for what I offered. After a couple of weeks it was apparent that he had no intention of adapting for the new season or listening to anything new and it showed in our Pro league qualifier matches and even in our first challenger match. I wish the team had lasted longer because I truly enjoyed playing with Peter, Remorce, Donut, and Helbee." - Books

"It was a long time coming, I wish everyone of my teammates the best, and will try to remain in the competitive scene for r6." - Donut

"Communication and leadership issues with the team resulted in the complete degradation of the team environment and any possibility of continuing to work together. Individual decisions were made that resulted in the downfall of the overall team." - Remorce

"I don't think there is someone in particular to blame. it's more of a chemestry kinda thing. As far as i can remember, we always had a problem to keep a consistent 5 player roster. we would always have 3 core, 1 somewhat consistent and a 5th that kept switching. So always switching roles and player around made is hard to stay competitive against teams that can do it full time or play more than we do. Our recent failiure to qualify for proleague or win against teams that should not even be a close game just increased the tension between us. People often forget that we don't earn money for playing R6. I played 1 season of pro and made a total amount of 0$. If you are not Top 4 teams, it's only passion that drives you to keep playing and put 30+ hours in the game. When you add to that 25 hours of work and another 30 hours-ish of studying, you get around 80 hours a week of "work" stuff. It's hard to keep going and justifying the time we spend on this game when you are loosing consistently. I've made some friends in that team that i will keep playing with, just not in a competitive setting. Sometime starting over is the best way to go! Yesterday was just the breaking point of a much longer problem that we kept patching up over time." - Helbee

Best of luck to all of them and here's to hoping we keep the 7 other teams!