Full 6 Invitational details and Year 2 DLC info

Ubisoft is hyping up the upcoming 6Invitational in Montreal with a video and a teaser image for the next DLC along with a new 6invitational page!

According to Ubisoft the next DLC will be called Velvet Shell and the Operators will be from Spain.

I don't have any inside information, but a search indicates that the CTU would likely be the "Grupo Especial de Operaciones"

According to that Wikipedia the kinds of weapons we can expect are from this list

Here's some speculation from Reddit on the new map location based on an easter egg found in Bartlett University. The graphic itself seems to imply a pool, and the operation name makes one think it could potentially be a hotel or night club pool. Spain is after all known for big beach parties like Ibiza.

I don't have any inside information or clues as to what we might see from the new operators, but in discussions with Game Designer Simon LaForge-Chalifour, he was extremely excited about this particular DLC release!

Much like the Pro League S3 finals in Katowice, we can expect a huge amount of reveal as shown in their 3-day schedule of events:

I'm very excited to see all this live in Montreal, and if you'd like to do the same then head over to the site and get yourself tickets while they are still available!!