Guess who’s going to Pro League!

Now that the Final Qualifiers have ended, we know which 4 teams from each region will be moving on to Pro League, and which will be moving on to Challenger League.

Edit: Post updated with slightly changed Challenger Qualifier dates at the end, graphics are incorrect for those so be aware!

First things first though, for anyone who missed it, here's the casts of the qualifiers to watch if you want to maintain some suspense:

Bracket Match Stream Language
Quarter #1 Euronics Gaming vs gBots.r6 mank_company ES
Quarter #3 Invicta-Gaming vs Oops Scoksc2 FR
Semi #1 gBots.r6 vs SADBOYS mank_company ES
Semi #2 Oops vs Playing Ducks Scoksc2 FR
LB RO 4b Oops vs E2 eSports Scoksc2 FR
WB-Finals gBots.r6 vs Playing Ducks mank_company ES
LB RO 2a E2 eSports vs Barrage eSports teamsfpd FR
LB-Finals Playing Ducks vs E2 eSports miloshthemedic EN
Finals gBots.r6 vs Playing Ducks miloshthemedic EN


Bracket Match Stream Language
Quarter #2 ElevateGG vs Ominous mzomzo EN
Semi #1 Eanix vs Ominous mzomzo EN
WB-finals Ominous vs Most Wanted R6 mzomzo EN

Above table courtesy of monkzize on Reddit.

I also put the matches I casted into a YouTube playlist if you'd prefer that to a twitch VOD.

All caught up now? Great! Let's look at who made it in to Pro League!

EU Pro League Teams

NA Pro League Teams

I personally found the "Top 4 of a Double Elimination Bracket" a little confusing, so here's a simple visual explanation using the brackets themselves:

And for the sake of clarity, here's the updated charts of which teams are going where for EU and NA

So now all we need to do is determine the next 4 for Challenger league via the tournaments on March 9th and 11th (just updated)! I'll make sure and provide an update when that happens!

Not sure who all these teams are? Make sure and check out the previous post about the teams here!