Interview with BiBoo of Supremacy

My interview with BiBoo of Supremacy (EU Xbox) is now up on the ESL site. More good interviews to come!

Here's my original version of the interview with a few extra questions not on the ESL site!


How are you feeling about this season having finished 3rd/4th last finals?

We were a little bit disappointed we lost 2-0 against Denial. For this season we decided to change one player in our roster. We took Spark, a new player on Siege, but already skilled! Now we are in a great mood, winning all our matches, and doing a great job.


How does team synergy affect your success?

I think it's important. The more synergy, the better you will be in game. Like with many games, putting just the 5 most skilled players on a team will not work. You need a lot of different personalities in a team, and in Siege it's more important than any other game. If you don't trust the man watching your back, you can't win like a top team.


Why do you think NA has taken top 2 every finals?

I think maybe they were more prepared than EU for the first two seasons. The Vitality vs eXcellence and Supremacy vs Denial matches were extremely close. They were in their home country and maybe the jet-lag was a little bit of a problem for EU. I don't think NA are so far ahead that we can’t get them, but we'll see!


What unique strengths does Supremacy bring?

All our players can just clutch a bad situation and bring it back in our favor. All our players have individual skill. We are also good friends, and I think that plays into it a little bit!


How do you know each other outside the game?

At the beginning there was Rafale, Sangral and me. We knew each other for 2 or 3 years because we played together on a different game before Siege. After Season 2 we recruited Zephir. We knew him on Siege and saw him in the Gamer Assembly aka French Cup. I knew Spark from playing a different game, and he was a good friend as well. Now we are all good friends and do got out together. Spark, Rafale, and Zephir live in Paris so they hang out sometimes. Unfortunately Sangral and I live in different cities.


Why do you think half the EU Xbox Pro League are french teams?

I think it's because of a great man, Jeremy "BackLash JS" Somville. He does a lot of things that bring a lot of french players to this game and community. The more players you have, the more teams, and more chances for talented players. I think our community has a good amount of friendship. This may be a game where the french can be the best in EU!


What's your competitive gaming background?

I began eSports on Battlefield 3 on PS3 where I meet Rafale and Sangral. Afterwards I switched to Call of Duty: Ghost and Advanced Warfare on Xbox, where I met Spark. I finally came to Siege, and now I'm happy here. The others competed in Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline, as well as Rainbow Six: Vegas 1 and 2.


What made you decide to play competitive Siege?

At the beginning we created a roster for fun. We tried some tournaments with Rafale, Sangral and some friends as "Pingouins Tibétains". We saw we could do a lot of things in this game, so we continued competing. Ubisoft and ESL are doing a great job to grow this game. We stay because we love this eSport, and this game!


What do you do for a living?

Three of us are still students, and the other two are looking for jobs as they’ve finished their studies. We still all live in our parents houses. What could be better?


How does Supremacy train/practice to get as good as you are?

We practice a lot when we can, and often play at night. We also do all the tournaments we can. We all have talent, good backgrounds, and experience in eSports.


What advice do you have for players looking to play at pro level?

Play a lot and persevere. To become a good pro level player you need to lose, and learn the competition. Finally like in all things you do in your life, you need a little bit of luck!


You're one of the players I notice getting a lot of shotgun kills, especially with the SPAS-12. What do you think of the current state of shotguns in the game?

In season 2 I played a lot with the SPAS-12, because a shotgun brings a lot of possibility to win rounds. Before the shotgun nerf they were way too powerful. Now i think it's ok, and I'm happy with the current meta.


What are you most excited about for the future of the game?

The next DLC and continuing to play in the proleague with the best teams in the world. I hope we will compete again and again in each season, and finally win Pro League. Each DLC completely changes the meta game and it's awesome. I love that Ubisoft knows how to attract players and keep them in their game!


Any final thoughts or shoutouts?

Thanks to everyone who supports us! Thanks to Supremacy & all our sponsors who allow us to play in the best conditions. Thanks to my mates who are just the best! Also our manager ZpX the man in the shadows who does a lot of things for us <3. Thank you for this interview! #Baguette #SyUnit


Interview by Devin “mzo” Becker