If you're anything like me, sometimes you just wanna sit down and throw a good Siege players Twitch up on a second monitor. Then comes the difficulty of choosing who to watch, making sure you're following good players, seeing who's on, etc. I just want to turn it on and watch.

Rather than make some kind of junky "follow these guys" list, I took it a step further and built out the "pandora of pro siege play" with

The way it works is I've curated a list of twitch streams for Siege pro players across all platforms and regions, as well as former and non-pro players into a tv-like interface. The player checks who's online and playing siege in the list and picks someone randomly from them to watch. If the person you are watching goes offline, it will pick someone else to watch so it's hands-free (it updates every 2 minutes). You can also just click Next to watch someone else if you don't care for who it picks, or even pick them from the list. You can also show and hide the chat without disconnecting from it.

This is an experimental idea that I personally use myself and hope others would like. Feel free to give me feedback as I try and improve it further! If you feel you should be included on the curated list and you're not, make sure to let me know.

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