Introducing the new Siege Scrim Lobby!

In looking for ways to help the semi and pro community with this site, one issue stuck out like a sore thumb to me: setting up scrims. While there have been other scrim finding tools in the past, they were not real time and left you still in a situation where you had to constantly ping people in your uPlay friends list to see who had their whole team online and ready to scrim. Sure you can schedule scrims, but that works way less often than you'd think.

My solution? I setup a simple real time "scrim lobby". The way it works is when a team captain has the whole team online and ready for a scrim, they can simply come to and use the scrim lobby tool in the right hand sidebar to mark themselves as online and available. They will then see anyone else ready to scrim by uPlay/Gamertag and team name. Simply select them in the list to copy and paste their name from the box below into uPlay to add them. Don't see anyone you wanna scrim? Just leave it on while practicing/playing ranked/whatever and your team is online and someone else can ping you! Once you find a scrim, make sure and press "scrim found" to go back offline unless you want people to keep pinging you for scrims 🙂

This is a tool in progress. I REALLY encourage all teams to use it, support it, and give me feedback so that I can continue to improve it and make finding scrims fast and easy for everyone! I even made it work for all regions and platforms. It also may work on Xbox One/Ps4/Mobile phones (no guarantees)!

If you want to embed the tool into your own site, I actually encourage you to do so! Below is sample iframe embed code:

<iframe src="" name="ScrimLobby" width="220" height="360" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" >

<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p> >


Thanks for taking the time to try it out and I look forward to feedback!