Milspec eSports Dead?

There's word on the street is that MiLSPEC is having some serious internal issues currently. MiLSPEC is the Professional Multi-Platform eSports Organization owned and operated by US Military Veterans. With all due respect to Veterans, they are human and make good & bad choices like any other individual. MiLSPEC is a fairly new Org and hasn't stood the test of time like many larger Organizations.

“MiLSPEC's been on Twitter since April 2016, but the team formed during Pro League Season 1.”

In a brief review of the history of the team. MiLSPEC's been on Twitter since April 2016, but the team formed during Pro League Season 1. MiLSPEC was primarily members from Velocity eSports. The original line-up in Season 1 was Dahdii, BC, SgtJamJar, Throwadox, and Viking. In Season 2 they picked-up Jarvis (Currently of Ominous, which was Miner eSports). Season 3 is where the real changes started to happen for MiLSPEC. The remaining members of the team took a step back from competition to focus on the Organization. They took over management of the Org and picked up a shiny new roster of Professional players. They announced the new line-up in August of 2016. The new roster consisted of TOPKEK, Remorce, Dapz, Crimzndeath, and Serenity17. This news was huge and controversial at the time for MiLSPEC. Particularly due to picking up well known members in the community like Remorce and Serenity17. Remorce was formerly Kingdom and ACN. Serenity17 was also formerly ACN, and one of the most popular Rainbow Six YouTube/Twitch content creators. These players joining brought a lot of attention to the team and created a huge following. Rumors spread on whether Serenity17 would do well in competition. He'd been out of the competition for some time, but his videos touted his knowledge. Though MiLSPEC didn't score high during Season 3, he performed extremely well and backed up his reputation.

“According to recent rumors however, trouble is brewing in their Rainbow Six division.”

While the team has yet to see Pro League LAN finals, they haven't given up on competing. MiLSPEC plan to compete moving forward in the 6 Invitational event for the foreseeable future. According to recent rumors however, trouble is brewing in their Rainbow Six division.

“In even darker news, rumors are 'MiLSPEC management would not or may not fulfill contract obligations.'”

According to anonymous sources, “the players of MiLSPEC have left the Organization.”. Apparently there were “disagreements with the Org Owner on how the team should be run.”. Team management disagreements happen from time-to-time within Orgs. The players sometimes have a different view of the future than those who run the Organization. Even more likely when the Management was previously comprised of Professional players. They may feel as knowledgeable about the game play or methods as the current players. In even darker news, rumors are “MiLSPEC management would not or may not fulfill contract obligations.” On top of which, “The owner was attempting to insert himself into the team and take over control to reform the previous Season 2, MiLSPEC Roster.”

“It's unfortunate these disagreements occur, but always a possibility when Ex-Players run an Organization.”

This spells trouble for the Players vs. the Organization. It's unfortunate these disagreements occur, but always a possibility when Ex-Players run an Organization. Especially if they start itching to play professionally again. These types of issues are less likely to happen in Organizations where management focuses on business, marketing,  growth, carefully selecting promising teams, and leaving “team management” up to their players. A separation of Church and State, so to speak. Direct no ill-will toward MiLSPEC eSports or the now ex-members in this article. It's up to you to find the truth or facts. Hopefully, this will give you some food-for-thought if you plan to sign your team with an Organization, or even start one of your own.

“The question that remains now is...What is the new name they will be flying as their banner?”

There is good news remaining through all this tribulation. The players, though now “Orgless,” plan to remain together and compete together. These players are a great group of guys and skilled players. I find no query on whether they will succeed in their future endeavors. The question that remains now is...What is the new name they will be flying as their banner? Will they be looking for a new Organization to pick them up? There's a lot of attention to be had with this team and its particular members. It could be great for any Organization that is looking to pick up a Rainbow Six team. Looking forward to getting the scoop on what will happen next. Stay in the loop, and I will do my best to keep you updated as time progresses.

Article by: Ripley555

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