NA Week 1-2 Pro/Challenger League Recap

Week 1

Pro League Playday 1 started off heavy with some major streaks from the top tier teams you know and love.

NA Pro League

Continuum vs Elevate

We had some serious comeback streaks from the normal top 2 NA teams, Continuum and eRa eternity. Continuum went from being in a 0-4 against Elevate on Kafe

to a nearly unheard of 6 round massacre for a final 6-4. Keep in mind that this is the same Elevate who got a 10-0 against Vitality in the Invitationals Xbox finals.

Continuum win on Oregon 5-2 as well to start off PL with a nice 2-0 for them. I do expect Elevate to potentially make a comeback in Losers Bracket though!

eRa eternity vs Lethal Gaming

Then eRa started out down 2 points against Lethal Gaming on Chalet

then swung that around with a 5 round streak to a final 5-2.

We also saw a hilarious round from eRa on Clubhouse when defending bar/stock room where they aggressively mobbed on the attackers all at once, slaughtering them before eventually winning the map 5-3 for a 2-0 for them as well.

NA Challenger League

Hive Mind vs Vision Gaming

Speaking of Kafe comebacks, Challenger League got one of their own. Hive Mind started up 3-0 before Vision Gaming came back with a 5 round streak to close it out 5-3.

Vision then carries that momentum forward into a bold 5-1 win on Chalet, giving them a 2-0 to start.

Eanix vs infraRED

Eanix seems to start out on even footing on Border, trading rounds with infraRED until IR turns the 1 point lead in overtime into a 6-4 win

Eanix decides to sub out Books for Peter last minute to play Club House where Eanix swings things back in their favor with a 5-2 victory after a rehost.

The match closes out exactly how you'd hope with a tight 6-5 victory, infraRED manages a 2-1 victory to move forward. Unfortunately Eanix couldn't take the loss and immediately disbanded after the match, leaving only 7 teams in NA Challenger League.

Week 2

NA Pro League

Ominous vs Onslaught

Both teams started out by trading points a little on Kafe, but once Ominous hit their stride at 3-2, it quickly turned into a 5-2 win.

Border didn't even start out quite as well for Onslaught who only managed to get 1 point before losing the map 5-1 to a very strong set of round by Ominous.

I expect good things going forward to the only team without an Org behind them!

FlipSid3 vs Most Wanted

Most Wanted looked like they could be a contender at the start of Border, getting a 1 point lead at the 2-1 mark. Unfortunately things ended there for them as FlipSid3 quickly Flipped that into a 5-2 win.

Chalet looked like it could go either way, trading up to 3-3 until FlipSid3 turned their 4-3 lead into a 5-3 win!

Most Wanted still may do well in the Losers Bracket so I wouldn't write them off just yet.

NA Challenger League

@Mixup_Esports vs 1nFamy

Mixup started off with a surprise by bringing Remorce in on the team post-Eanix disbanding. Unfortunately despite a lot of great plays from him, things did not go well on Chalet, ending in a 5-1 loss.

Oregon didn't start off any better for Mixup with 1nFamy having a 3-1 lead before Mixup closed the gap to 3-3. The comeback didn't last long however as 1nFamy took the next 2 rounds in a row for a 5-3 finish.

Going to give Strata MVP for the day with a lot of great plays across both maps, especially while roaming as Pulse!

Evolution vs Lunatik

This match started off with a glitch rehost that quickly turned into a Lunatik 5-0 steamroll on Evolution.

Consulate looked like it was going to go the same direction, but Evolution managed to pick up 2 rounds before losing again, 5-2.

Lunatik definitely looking strong moving forward in the winners bracket and we'll see how they do with that next week!


In closing

That's all for the matches, but the week did end on an interesting note as there was a Reddit post announcing that 2 pro players were banned from both the game and Pro League for toxicity, but without details yet as to exactly who. Week 3 should be exciting to say the least!