Playing Ducks vs Continuum play by play

@LiamHorley1 took the time to go through the entire PC finals Playing Ducks vs Continuum match and write up a play by play for us! This kind of thing is really useful when trying to learn the strategies the top teams are using and works as a nice companion to the VoD.

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Read the full thing here.

Here's an excerpt:

Playing Ducks start off on defense on Oregon.
First objective is downstairs: Supply Room and Laundry Room
Playing Ducks:
Meepey - Smoke
Panix - Castle
Enemy - Valkyre
z1ronic - Mute
Elemzje - Bandit
nvK - Sledge
Yung - Blackbeard
Canadian - Capitao
Retro - Thermite
Necrox - Thatcher
Yung, nvK and Canadian start off the round by pushing Tower Stairs.
From Stairs, they push into meeting hall.
Canadian killing Elemzje with a headshot as he sits behind the meeting hall stage.
Yung gets a headshot onto z1ronic who rotates to meeting hall.
Panix who was also in meeting hall, breaks down one of his castle panels and moves into lobby where he is fired at from outside.
He takes cover behind the wall leading to stairs and peeks out
He pushes forward spraying outside as he goes and manages to escape down the stairs.
Panix watches the meeting hall door from stairs.
nvK has moved down the watch tower stairs and is watching Laundry room from the bottom of them.
nvK pushes forward and throws a grenade into supply room by a hole in the top of the wall.
Yung pushes into Supply room and kills Meepey.
Retro starts to plant in supply room behind the work shelf.
Enemy drops down a hatch in meeting hall, dropping on top of nvK
Canadian kills Enemy before she manages to kill nvK.
Panix pushes from Laundry room and kills Canadian.
Retro takes out Panix ending the the round.