Season 3 Pro League team roster changes

Pro League Season 3 has just started and already sees some exciting roster changes to some of the bigger teams.

First off, the #1 NA PC team Orbit drops Siege as a game and the team becomes Orgless, also dropping two players (Canadian and Yung) from roster of one of the most consistent roster teams around, replacing them with Avian and Slashug.

Next, the #2 NA PC team Flipsid3 drops their team captain Xclusive, and picks up HnC (HotnCold).

Then, the #2 EU PC team GiFu loses one of their good players, Joonas, over to a former top 2 team, Penta Sports.

Finally, the #2 NA Xbox team Strictly Business loses one of their better players for a week, Ayver, thankfully getting him back just in time for playday 2!

One of the other top NA PC teams, VexX, picked up the sponsor MilSpec from the former, now disbanded Season 2 Milspec team, and with that also picked up popular Youtuber/Streamer Serenity17!

I'll update this post as I find out about more high profile roster changes!