Pro tips: Moving around

Guest post by Liam Horley @LiamHorley1 as part of a continuing series. Read Part 1 here.

How to improve your teams performance Part 2: Moving Around

How many times have you been roaming around, about to get what you think is going to be the greatest flank. Then you walk around the corner and BOOM, the attacker is holding the angle locking you down. Now most people in this situation do one of three things. They sit and wait for them to push and lock the flank they used down. Or run back the way they came. Or the worst possible option…keep re-peeking it, hoping they get lucky.

Now, what a good player will do, is use what Siege does best, Destruction! It’s easy to change position in this game by just throwing an impact grenade or C4 at a wall, or even using a shotgun. It completely opens up the map in new ways. The downside of this being the noise you make.

Just like in the last post, I want you to imagine the meeting hall in Oregon. Holding it is crucial to roaming about the map. Yet I usually see people going through the doors. It's possible to use the floor hatches, but people rarely take advantage of the pantry wall or attic. When an attacker is holding lobby they’re going to be expecting a roamer to push from meeting hall. It happens in 9/10 games. What they may not expect is someone pushing from dorms. Most players won't be expecting someone watching the stairs door from kitchen. Let alone a player moving between meeting hall and kitchen. So using an impact grenade to open up the map gives you an incredible advantage.

Shotguns are decent at this, but usually limited on ammo. I wouldn’t recommend using the shotgun for more than kill holes if you can use an impact grenade instead. Shotguns are great for opening hatches though.

Going outside as a defender is also something I see used poorly. It’s often to get a spawn kill or to flank the attackers and pick one off. Good attackers are expecting and prepared for this. Instead, use it for re-positioning yourself in an unexpected angle. Clubhouse is one of the best maps for this, but you can do it on almost all them. For example, the most common Clubhouse Armory push is through the utility tunnel. Clubhouse is like Oregon, when downstairs you have to go through bar to move to the other parts of the map. Instead run outside using windows from bedroom to cash room to flank. At this point you can use an explosive to blow open the wall to the top of garage or push down the stairs behind them. As always be wary of clay mores.

Now I've not covered attackers much in this post. That's because their movement through the map should be their bread and butter. So I'll finish with one small tip for the attackers playing sledge. When sledging a wall, aim straight down. Doing this will create a hole big enough that you can usually walk straight through it. If it doesn't go quite right you may have to crouch to go underneath it. This is because  sometimes the collision box is just a tiny bit too big to get your head underneath. Walking or crouching is faster, quieter and safer than having to vault through the hole.

image courtesy of Ubisoft