Quickstart guide

Starting the game the first time



  1. Click on Tutorials and watch the 3 Tutorial videos to gain enough Renown to unlock 1 Operator.
  2. Click on Situations and play as many as you can to try out some Operator abilities and get more Renown.


Spending your Renown


I'll go into more detail on spending renown in the [Renown Spending Guide], but for now just unlock as many Operators as you can afford of the following for 500 Renown each (2500R total):

  1. Rook (Defender) - He's always useful and you don't have to use his ability after the prep phase.
  2. Thermite (Attacker) - There's almost always reinforced walls you can blow, and they can be used just like regular Breach Charges.
  3. Jager (Defender) - His rifle is really good and you don't have to use his ability after the prep phase.
  4. Fuze (Attacker) - Get some easy kills from OUTSIDE the room and also get an optional Shield.
  5. Sledge (Attacker) - Help knock down tons of walls that can't be Kapkan trapped and screw with the enemy!

I recommend these 5 for the following reasons:

  • They are almost always useful
  • They are relatively easy to play
  • There is only 1 from each group so you don't have to spend more than 500R
  • It alternates between Defender and Attacker so you are more likely to not have to play Recruit!

If you have more Renown after buying those 5, you can buy a 6th Operator if there's one you are really just itching to play, but I'd recommend first upgrading the following on your Operator Loadouts (Click Operators -> then a specific Operator -> Loadout)


  • Main guns
    • Grips
    • Flash Hider
    • Holographic sights for everyone but Spetsnaz
    • Reflex sights for Spetsnaz
    • ACOG sight for Twitch
  • Pistols
    • Silencer to shoot cameras and gadgets quietly
    • Laser sight, especially for any Operators with a Shield (Fuze, Blitz, Montagne)





If you want to try out any of your new attacking operators (Thermite, Fuze or Sledge) then just start up a quick Lone Wolf game of Terrorist Hunt.


Playing your first games
  1. Make sure to play at least a few Situations to get comfortable with the controls.
  2. Play some Terrorist Hunt both Lone Wolf (solo) and with some random matchmaking to get comfortable using your gadgets.
  3. Open up Options (Press F10 on main menu) and go to Matchmaking Preferences.
    1. Turn off Bomb and Hostage. Secure Area is easier to learn and more balanced.
    2. Turn off all the maps except House. House is a smaller easy to learn and play map.
    3. Feel free to turn some of these back on as you get up to speed, but for now just get your bearings.
  4. Hook up a microphone and use it! Communication is key in this game and the sooner you use it, the better.
    1. By default on PC it's the U key to talk.
    2. Check your Audio preferences to make sure you have you Voice set to Push to Talk.
    3. Change your Control preferences to use a different key if U doesn't work for you.
  5. Use Ping beacons (the 'Z' key on PC) to mark things you're communicating like enemy or breach locations.

Lone Wolf Terrorist Hunt


Matchmaking Preferences






The Prep Phase


  • Try and find and look directly at the objective to mark it for everyone.
  • You can scan for enemies to mark them, but it's usually better to keep your drone alive and hiding in a good spot for dead players to use later.
  • Scan the floors of a building systematically and call out over the mic (or type by pressing 'Y') any info you gather as well as what floor you will do.
    • I usually start with the basement and work my way up, but let your team mates know so they can do the other floors.
  • If the objective gets marked by someone else, either hide your drone in a good spot, or go looking for Roaming defenders and traps on other floors.


  • If you're Rook, use your ability to drop the Armor Bag IMMEDIATELY and let your team mates know to get some.
  • Reinforce walls in a way that you can hide somewhere with your back covered and get on cameras.
  • Once you know the map, go quickly to the floor above yours (if not on the top floor) and reinforce the trap door above the objective
  • Always put up barricades on all the doors and windows of the objective room. I've rarely seen leaving one open pay off.
  • Put Jagers ADS devices on reinforced or other non-easy to break surfaces near areas where grenades can be thrown in
    • Not in places they can be easily shot.
    • Also consider one near the trap door where Fuze is likely to Cluster bomb.


Leveling Up

You'll gain XP and Renown faster by doing things like

  • Marking enemies and objectives when Droning or on Cameras.
  • Using your Operator gadget.
  • Shooting/Killing enemies, and their gadgets, drones, and cameras.
  • Winning!


Forming/Joining a Squad
  1. Go to your options and set your preferences so anyone can join your squad (for now).
  2. Shift+F2 will bring up the Ubisoft overlay so you can get to invites that others send.
  3. Add people to your friends list that you encounter and get along with, then invite them to your squad


What's Next
  1. Read some of the provided guides.
  2. Learn more from Advanced Strategy.
  3. Watch some good players play.
  4. Get involved in the Community.