Season 3 PC Playday #7 recap

Here's a nice guest recap of today's exciting events by Alpaca Attacka

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Playday #7 - October 20th, 2016

Today marks the date of the final Pro League Playdays for season Three, and the last we'll see of the Pro League until the finals in Katowice, Poland on November 12th and 13th. Along with being the last Playday, this one was arguably the most important. Today's matches decided who is going to the finals, and who is in the top four, guaranteeing themselves a spot for when they return in season four.

Things are not 100% clear on the European side of things just yet, as one more game still needs to be played. This match will be held tomorrow between and Yunktis, and will decide whether or not Yunktis will make it to the finals. Yunktis is currently in fourth place with eleven points, and will need to secure a full three points in order to guarantee their in the top two. If Yunktis ties with ePunks, it will be up to a count of rounds to determine whether Yunktis or PENTA will be going to LAN. Reguardless of what happens tomorrow, GiFu, PENTA Sports, Playing Ducks, and Yunktis will be out top four teams this season. Four games were played today, meaning that all of the European teams were able to get some good matches in. The matches played today are as follows:

Playing Ducks vs. PENTA Sports

gBots vs. UnKnights

Yunktis vs. GiFu

EURONICS Gaming vs.

Out of the four games, only the Playing Ducks vs. PENTA and Yunktis vs. GiFu matches were held in the main stream. In the Playing Ducks versus PENTA matchup, PENTA chose to play Chalet, and Playing Ducks chose to play Clubhouse. PENTA won Chalet very narrowly, with a final score of 6-5. Playing Ducks also went on to win Clubhouse 5-3. With each team taking One map each, they also each take one point, putting both teams up to a total of 12 points. Although both teams have 12 points, PENTA currently has the lead, as they have won more rounds. In the GiFu versus Yunktis maps, GiFu chose Chalet and Yunktis picked Consulate. Yunktis won Chalet 6-4, and GiFu won Consulate 5-1. The maps and scores for the offstream games are not entirely known. However both matchups resulted in each team walking away with one point.


The standings for the European pro league after Playday seven are listed here:

1. GiFu (13)

2. PENTA Sports (12)

3. Playing Ducks (12)

4. Yunktis (11)

5. EURONICS Gaming (9)

6. (5)

7. gBots (4)

8. UnKnights (2)

The NA scene also had some very important games tonight! Those matches are:

Continuum vs. EANIX (mainstream)

Ferosity vs. Miner (offstream)

OrglessGG. vs. Flipsid3 Tactics (mainstream)

Lunatik vs. MiLSPEC (offstream)

In Continuum's games against EANIX, EANIX chose to play Clubhouse, and Continuum chose to play on Bank. Continuum managed to win both maps; 5-2 on Clubhouse and 5-1 on Bank.

Flipsid3 and Orgless went at it tonight, with Flipsid3 choosing to play on Clubhouse, while Orgless decided to play on Chalet. Sadly, F3 lost their chances of going to the finals on Clubhouse, where they lost 3-5. Flipsid3 did, however, come back strong on Chalet, where they beat Orgless 5-0. This makes F3 one of three teams to take a map off of Orgless this Season, and the only team to beat them 5-0.

As for the offstream games, Miner and Ferosity each won a single map, and MiLSPEC was able to beat Lunatik 2-0. The final standings after Playday seven of the season 3 Pro League are:


1. OrglessGG. (15)

2. Continuum (13)

3. FlipSid3 Tactics (12)

4. Ferosity eSports (8)

5. MiLSPEC eSports (8)

6. Miner eSports (7)

7. EANIX (4)

8. Lunatik (3)

This means that we will be seeing OrglessGG, Continuum, GiFu, and either PENTA Sports, Playing Ducks, or Yunktis at LAN.

The last spot for LAN will be determined tomorrow based on Yunktis' performance against The Finals for season 3 will be held on November 12th and 13th in Katowice, Poland. Remember to tune in!

(Side note: I've never been a great writer, but I hope this is alright reguardless. Thank you for showing interest in this!)

Written by Alpaca Attacka (Freealpacaattacka at gmail dot com)