SI 2020 Quals Goyo setups

Both NA (SSG vs LG) and Latam (MIBR vs T1) used a bit of Goyo during their Bo5 qualifier finals. Here's an overview of some of the setups to give a little pre-S11 teaser now that he will be available!

SSG Bank CEO Goyo setup Round 11 to win the map

You can see some ideas on how the Vulcan shield setup works along with the angles the players were playing and the Maestro evil eyes via the lines I drew. The shields essentially formed a perimeter from all the west side entries. The one at the top of spiral was able to be shot by the evil eye to trigger safely from Maestro's position inside CEO.

LG Border Armory/Lockers Goyo setup Round 8

As with many of the setups, additional deployable shields get brought (often by Echo or Smoke). The big issue with this setup is the close proximity of all the gadgets can make a well placed grenade extra effective. The shield in lockers can be hit with the evil eye placed on the pillar which also can see through smoke if they go for a smoke plant with it still up. The shield in Archives can be hit from Lockers via the hole in the wall to deny the corner plant spot if they manage to sneak in. Finally the shield near the office window can help deny a push in by shooting it through the hole in Archives wall. The 3 shields essentially deny all 3 approaches attackers take with the exception of the Office wall.

T1 Consulate CEO Goyo setup Round 2

This setup includes 2 extra deployable shields (1 each from Echo and Smoke). The shields in CEO and Projector were played behind, but also can potentially help deny some plant spots. They did offer an opportunity for an attacker on connector window to potentially take out two of the shields and seal off connector. The additional deployable shields allowed playing some long angles and slowing down the attackers.

MIBR Kafe Kitchen setup Round 3

The shield in the freezer doorway is meant to be played behind to fight hatch as well as to help partially deny a drop. Unfortunately it worked against the player behind it. The shield in kitchen was also played behind, and can cut off some paths into site, but overall didn't deny much. The one in lower red hall was also played behind but could be shot from inside kitchen or bar to help deny the entry crouch hole.

MIBR Coastline Bar setup Round 4

MIBR uses two of the shields to hard deny paths towards Sunshine Bar via doorways, with some additional crossfire support from the back side of the lobby where Goyo played behind it. Mute jammers also helped support lack of information on the shields and the site. There was also a lot of additional resources committed upstairs.

MIBR Coastline Hookah setup Round 5

I wasn't able to identify a 3rd Vulcan shield location, but the two visible on the top floor are both able to be destroyed by evil eyes. The one in door from aqua to billards is especially useful for denying default plant spot (along with the hole in the floor there as well). The additional deployable shield from Smoke helps him fight cool vibes stairs in addition to holding off default billards plant. The one near VIP door in combination with Smoke's shield and the ability of the evil eye to watch the stairs allowed denial of 90 so that all interior paths to the site were covered.

T1 Coastline Kitchen setup Round 8

Both floors are shown here to get a better idea of the vertical hold happening. The site itself had relatively typical coverage, but upstairs is where the real meat of the setup went. Castle barricades were used to not only funnel the attackers, but also helped consume the same utility that would be used against the shields. Jager ADS's also helped to consume utility if it wasn't properly cleared. The shields themselves were pretty heavily slanted towards playing theater towards penthouse. The 3rd shield at 90 was able to be destroyed by the evil eye to help bottleneck attackers more in combination with the luggage door castle barricade. There were also various rotations available to bail and rotate as needed.

This was just a taste of the heavy amount of Goyo we could see when un-banned. It will definitely encourage increased use of Castle and extra deployable shields from Smoke and Echo to help win the resource game for defenders. Banning ops is going to get a lot trickier in S11!