Advanced Strategy

Strategy tips and tricks

Loadout stuff

  • Recruit faction choice determines gun and equipment choices, use FBI Swat for shields for example
  • Equip guns with Flash Hider to maintain camping spots, the recoil is only slightly worse than a compensator, worth the tradeoff
  • Equip silencers on attacker pistols to take out gadgets and cameras quietly


  • Throw drones through windows and trap doors to scout before entering
  • When droning, if you need to figure out where you are, look for your character silhouette as a reference
  • Drones can jump signal jammers and barb wire but you have to time it right
  • Never forget about the power of mid-game drone usage!
  • Don't tag/scan during the prep phase, just get in a good position and keep your drone alive


  • Roll grenades under doors and through drone holes
  • You can cook grenades (except flashbangs) before throwing them, which can kill you and team mates

General tips

  • Drone holes are poorly watched, shoot feet through them!
  • Hold Alt to walk when approaching to place a breach quietly
  • The netcode is low tick updates, that means you get an advantage when moving fast or doing really quick corner peeks, use that!
  • Keep your crosshair at crouch head height, easier to move up/down from there
  • Patient tap fires are way better, especially because of recoil
  • Knowing the map layouts (angles, flanks, etc) is critical. Use Custom game to practice.

Attacker tips

  • Use breaching charges as a trap, place it next to defuser for example
  • Switch to your silenced pistol to take out cameras and gadgets without giving yourself away
  • Breach charge lights tell you what kind of surface (yellow = semi-breakable)
  • Set the defuser near a window and then rappel out and watch the defuser from outside while inverted. The defenders dont really check the outside of windows when clearing a room.
  • Not sure how many people know. but if you are rapelling to a window, you can place a charge on the sealed window, then fling back and fly through the window instantly through the charge. great against an unsuspecting enemy 😀
  • Riot shields might help protect your backside when not in use? (Press 1 to toggle them)

Defender tips

  • Use Nitro cells to counter shields, it even sticks to their shield!
  • If you go outside as the defender, after the 2 seconds are up, you can’t sprint anymore
  • Break a bunch of random windows if you are going to shoot out so they don’t know which one you are shooting from easily
  • If you know all the spawn points and can check them quickly with cameras, you can potentially rush them rappelling near some spawns and rip em up
  • Using visual animation feedback/white dot for placing deployables
  • You can reinforce walls after destroyed to recover them
  • If you know a window will get a breach charge on it and have cams, place a nitro cell on it and detonate while they are placing for a free kill (castle’s windows get breached a lot). You can also shoot the window/door to destroy the breach charge, even thermite’s can be killed after it’s started!
  • If you're defending, sit near a door or window, and listen closely. You can hear a distinct sound when they set up a breach charge. Once you do, shoot the direct middle of the door/window, and you'll destroy their charge before they can blow it. It's hilarious and will force them out of breaching it. An alternative would be to just immediately start shooting out of the door/window in hopes that you'll kill them at the same time, but it's rarely worth trying. Just shoot the breach charge and let them feel the shame.
  • Using melee on an opponent with their shields up will stagger them and not allow them to shoot for a second. Melee 2x is pretty effective against shielded classes.
  • You can pick up your Bandit battery or mute disrupter before they blow up if you hear an EMP get thrown.
  • Reinforce the trap doors above the objective.
  • Don't reinforce between bombs A and B, leave a path to cover both.
  • When you break a hole in a wall to shoot through, break 1-2 more so they don't know which to check.

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