The NA Pro League team shuffle!


As expected there's been a lot of last minute shuffling of Pro League team rosters just before the season starts. I don't know the EU teams/players nearly as well as NA so for now I'll just cover the roster changes in NA.

Here's the big changes:

  • Continuum and Era trade players. KingGeorge goes to Era and Slashug goes to Continuum. Retro is also back as a sub.
  • Era picks up AD9M and benches Kanine (rumor)?
  • Onslaught loses Zed to Elevate (the previous Xbox Invitational champs) and Xclusive rejoins. P3NG1N also joins now that he's finally 18. Also picks up Billboard as Coach/Analyst.
  • Elevate benches Laxing for some non-performance related issues.

My understanding with Continuum is that they wanted to play more aggressively and KingGeorge was playing too passive. Era has been called out by Canadian himself for playing very passive so the swap makes sense in that context. Still not sure why Zed went to Elevate, but it should be interesting to watch!

I'll update this post if I find out more!