The other side of the EANIX story

In a previous post about BPandaa leaving team Eanix (NA PC), his twitlonger post made some statements that I've been told were inaccurate. Apparently him being off the team was more of a team decision then implied in the post and some of the portrayal of the conduct of the other players was a bit one sided.

Frenchie, mentioned in the post multiple times had this to say on twitter in response:

Getting annoying getting s*** from people who know only one side of the story. Only thing i'll say is a lot was left out to his benefit

And that we made a team decision based on the fact despite talking on multiple occasions, he kept having attitude and leadership problems

This just goes to show there's two sides to every story and that if there's information missing, make sure to let me know so I can present all sides!

Best of luck to Eanix as they approach playday 7!


In discussing the issue further with BPandaa, he clarified that while he was asked to leave the main roster he was, as he says in his post "offered a Manager/Strat position", which he declined in favor of leaving the team altogether.