Yunktis disbands!

In yet another twitlonger goodbye post, Yunktis, the former #1 PC team, disbands after barely not making finals. I spoke to Sixquatre to get a bit more information on why the team disbanded and here's what he had to say

We gave everything in season 2 to go from zero to hero, and I've asked so much from my teammates. We arrived at some point in S2 where we were even unhappy when we were not winning 5 - 0 (just watch our face in the VOD finals after beating FlipSid3 in semi...).

Perfectionism is good, but also has a huge drawback : you remove one of the essence of the game, which is to have fun. You can put that "fun aspect" away for a bit while focusing on being the best team in the world. But what happen then ? When you've won ? I don't really remember me appreciating what we'd just achieved (the fact that there is almost no break between Pro League seasons doesn't help...). I remember me, 2 days after the finals, already saying to my mate "Well guys, this is our new practice calendar". Where is the fun in that ? But we found what was needed during the 3 first matches of the season (our only 3 victories).

Then well, some decisions poorly taken by ESL, a meta changing patch mid-season by Ubisoft and a failed Summer cup (NDLR : French championship) final (were we finished second) really broke the last pieces of motivation that Yunktis players were giving to the team / the pro league / the game. Then we just played to play, and the less motivation my mates were showing, the more severe I was. This was endless. So I decided to go with the flow and see what will happen in the end. This is the end. "Yunktis Captain" was written in the back of my shirt. So "Why did Yunktis disband" ? I'll take that responsibility.

We've seen a lot of teams disband post-season, but this is one of the best. Here's to hoping most of the players stick around and join other teams!