Zed moves from Elevate to Lethal

After a brutal start for NA Pro League team Elevate on playday #1, going from a strong 4-0 to a 4-6 comeback loss against Continuum, they decided to make some roster changes. Laxing had originally been moved to sub for internal/non-performance reasons. Zed, who had originally been on Onslaught when he had started it as Ferocity, decided to amicably part ways with Elevate. Laxing has subsequently been put back on starting. Word is that his style of play didn't mesh well with theirs, so rather than force it, he's simply moving over to Lethal Gaming (formerly known as Check Your Six during qualifiers)!

I confirmed the move with Lethal who I'm sure will be excited to have another experienced Pro League player on the roster. In a nice twist, the next NA Pro League match pits both his old teams against each other with Elevate vs Onslaught!